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Testimonials. What People Say about Karl’s EFT Courses

I was diagnosed with M.E / chronic fatigue syndrome in December 2005. On a bad day I was lucky if I could walk.

I had had to give up work and was regularly house bound. I came across EFT after trying various therapies over the year and I contacted Karl in October 2006.

After one personal session I felt an improvement, the brain fog had noticeably reduced and the pain in my legs had vanished.

Although remaining sceptical, I signed up to do Karl’s level 1 & 2, 3 day course, to initially learn EFT properly to enable self healing. I was so surprised that after 3 days I was bouncing about, I had energy and I felt 80% better. I can honestly say EFT was the driving force behind my recovery. It is a fantastic self help tool and I am so grateful to Karl for his continued support in my recovery and the additional training I have undertaken with him.

Susanne Shelmerdine

Level 2 EFT with Karl was literally ‘life changing’. I have suffered from high blood pressure for 40 years. In year 2000 I was diagnosed diabetic. Tapping transformed my lifestyle! My diabetes is now borderline and diet controlled. My BP has dropped to within ‘normal’ levels. Life is GOOD – thanks to EFT and Karl.

Dave Able

Before EFT, I would not have been able to be in the same room as a snake, after just a few sessions of EFT, I am now happy to hold a snake with no emotional reactions at all. I also soon realised soon after Karl’s EFT practitioner course that my 13 year dislike of all meats had vanished giving me much more choice with my diet.

Rebekah Roberts

Thank you for an excellent course, as ever, loads of information to absorb and really inspiring teaching.


Thank you for such a wonderfully inspiring weekend. I really feel like I have learnt so much and can’t stop thinking about how many people I know would benefit from EFT. There are so many applications appearing to me every day, I feel quite dizzy. Anyway, thank you again for all you put into the weekend and if I can ever be half as good at EFT as you are then I will be very, very happy.


Thank you for the great training opportunity. I learnt a lot as I observed how artfully you integrate other therapeutic skills with EFT and how comfortably you guide people through the entire training process.

Dr Swati Kashyap Sharma

Thank you for this weekend – It was brilliant, I had a great time and really feel different this morning, I feel very positive about my life and believe that this technique will help me with employees at work and I also hope to get some private clients also. Gail Eastwood, Occupational Health Nurse Thanks for the best training course I’ve ever attended! I had a tremendous amount of fun, and feel that EFT is going to change my life!!


Thanks for a brilliant course – I got so much out of it. I loved the humour!


A huge thank you for all the help you have given me this weekend. We both gained a tremendous amount from the course. I feel so excited I could burst!!

When I compare the results from EFT to psychotherapy there is no comparison.

Previously, every bipolar episode I have ever had has lasted a day minimum and you brought it down with EFT in 5 minutes!!! This is incredibly exciting to me and my partner. Perhaps most excitingly I feel like I have found myself in EFT!! I was always training in some course or other and engaged in everything I did, but I didn’t feel that spark like I do with EFT.

It feels now that everything has brought me to EFT and although I value the past experiences, I feel so passionate about this one!! As I said I was drawn to working with you and I feel like I am really blessed to have done so. I really valued the way that you were really straight with people about where they were at and what they needed to do. And I feel like your straight talking with me on a number of issues has helped me to face them straight on. My partner is astounded at the change in me in just a couple of days.


A quick but massive THANK YOU for an awesome course. Loads of learning, loads of tears, loads of laughter. What more does anyone want? Amazing people, amazing training, massive insights, the most congruent delivery I have ever seen, and some real personal realisations for me. Big time appreciation and gratitude coming your way matey.

Take care & hope to see you on Level 3.


Thank you for a very special weekend. I did feel comfortable and safe with you and that is so necessary. You have a skill with people.


That was a fantastic life changing course Karl, thank you.


Thank you for a wonderful EFT weekend. It was a great experience and I met so many wonderful people. Am tapping away madly and am very interested to go further with it although I do know that I need to get some experience now. Thanks again for all your help and for being such a great teacher.


Feeling so much better and energised after being on the weekend’s practitioner course. Think it may prove to be life changing. Even got my chocolate craving wife to feel indifferent to a Toffee Crisp after 3 rounds of tapping. Fantastic!


Thank you for the course last weekend. I found it intriguing, exciting and uplifting. I came away feeling absolutely exhausted and yet animated.

As the days have passed I have continued to “tap” myself and I find I am more positive now about life and about my own abilities than ever before. Whilst counselling a client this week I really wanted desperately to “tap”!!. Have to insure myself first but given the opportunities I now I have the confidence to use EFT.

I am “drunk” on the idea, and it’s great.


I have to thank you again – and tell you how much more confident and better I feel. I can’t quite articulate what the difference is as it’s subtle, there’s definitely a change that others are noticing too. I am sure that EFT has already improved my life in ways I wasn’t even aware that needed improving. I always try and maintain a positive approach to life, your description of the ‘80% negative wall of life’ where positive affirmations are unable to stick has stuck in my mind.

A weekly client who suffered depression, divorce etc. agreed to try EFT. Both he and I were amazed by what happened. He telephoned two days later to ask if I could fit him in again this week to ‘tap-the-crap’, as he couldn’t remember the name of it.

I can’t thank you enough and look forward to doing level 3 with you.


Thoroughly enjoyed the weekend – huge thanks for all your efforts – fantastic course!

Anne Newby

Your 3 day course really is changing my life – and it has already enabled me to ‘make a difference’ in the lives of my clients. I have not used hypnotherapy with my clients since your course. I am 100% EFT now.

I am keeping a log of all clients seen, and as of tonight 20 clients have enjoyed the ‘tapping’ experience.

So THANK YOU for what you are doing for all the people you have never met – you created the ripple and it is far reaching.


A great big THANK YOU … I really enjoyed the workshop for the whole weekend… I learnt so much and often found myself imagining how I may pry your head open to get all of that useful info.

Many thanks and Lots of love learnt tonnes, please let me know if there are any other workshops etc


Thanks for an interesting weekend.

EFT level 3 – an excellent course. While levels 1 and 2 are about the methodology and application of EFT, Karl’s level 3 course is about the art of delivering EFT. It’s the difference between getting a 50% and 80% success rate with your clients and will help a proficient practitioner become an excellent one. Highly recommended.

EFT for Serious Diseases – fascinating and opens up a whole new avenue for EFTers everywhere. Finally a coherent and easily understood link between beliefs, emotional issues and illness has been established. Karl’s extensive experience and knowledge of EFT in this field and ability to teach make this course a must for all who practise EFT.


Just to say thanks for the course. I’ve been doing EFT on my son and his teachers have commented on how he’s changed at nursery. He’s been mixing and talking to other children, also he’s been watching telly, which is something he was scared of. I really am amazed at how it has worked. My family can’t believe it either.


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