Matrix Reimprinting and the Law of Attraction

With Matrix Reimprinting, we are consciously exploring what is held in our personal Matrix, releasing lower-vibrational emotions and reimprinting the Matrix with higher-vibrational emotions and pictures.

When we understand the Law of Attraction, the role of the Matrix, and our complex make-up of fields, neural pathways and subconscious memories, it’s easy to see why the Law of Attraction might not be working so well for us: because 95 per cent of our daily thoughts and actions are coming from the subconscious mind. The stuff we consciously want, whether it’s a new partner, shiny red car, money or happiness, isn’t appearing because we’re getting what we subconsciously believe instead!

When it comes to beliefs, it’s exactly the same principle: we attract the same vibration as the belief we hold. We create events around that belief because we’re constantly looking for proof that it’s right. We see our beliefs everywhere we look, projecting them onto other people as well as ourselves. We could have a whole lifetime of events that prove we’re not clever, not lovable, not worthy, not safe.

When we get specific and drill down to our core belief, we’ll see how it flows into every area of our life. And by releasing the intensity of the beliefs that don’t serve us, we’ll no longer need to create events that prove them to be right. It is this sustained work that changes our point of attraction in the universal Matrix, thus changing what we attract into our life. As Bruce Lipton said, when we remove those limiting beliefs, we can create heaven on Earth.

Extract from our book, ‘Transform Your Beliefs, Transform Your Life. EFT Tapping with Matrix Reimprinting’

Available from all good bookshops and of course, Amazon
Karl Dawson & Kate Marillat

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